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  • Why should I hire a professional dog walker vs a friend or child?
    Professional walkers care for animals as a living, and not as a hobby. Therefore, your pet is cared for by an insured person who is experienced in all situations.
  • Why is a dog walker important for my dog?
    1) Health: your pets need consistent exercise and regular bathroom times as it’s proven to help with obesity. 2) Socializing and stimulating: Walking not only helps your pup stay healthy, but it also allows your dog to see, smell, touch, and hear different things throughout the day. A simple 20-30 walk will encourage proper regular stimulation. 3) Behavior: Simply putting a dog in a yard to run isn’t enough stimulation to deter behaviors. Regular walks will assist in maintaining stimulation and stray away from negative bahaviors. 4) Peace of mind: Hiring a professional dog walker will allow peace of mind while you're away from home, knowing that your pup is checked in on. exercised, and given bathroom breaks. 5) Time: We all live busy lives. Sometimes our busy lifestyle doesn’t allow for consistent lengthy walks. Having a professional dog walker can ensure your pup gets the exercise and attention they need. 6) In home vacation care allows your pup to stay in the comfort of home while our sitter spends the evening and visits regularly throughout the day. This is also beneficial as the sitter can keep and eye on your home, water plants, and bring mail or packages in for safe keeping.
  • Can PPW take care of my kitten/cat?
    Yes! Kitties enjoy our services as well. We offer daily visits to freshen up water, provide fresh food, and clean out the litter box. So often cats are thought to be okay home alone when we’ve found they enjoy our daily visits as well!
  • What does being licensed/insured mean for my pet(s)?
    Being licensed and insured is important as we have taken all the proper measures to be a true legal business. We carry our own insurance to protect you, your pets, and ourselves. We don’t care for animals as a hobby; we do this out of our love and to give 100% to the animals in our community.
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