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Laura & Tom


Tom and Laura opened Pup Patrol in May 2017 and are avid animal lovers. Their love for animals began at a young age and grew as their own children moved out of the home.

Laura began her journey in animal rescue years ago and began to see the obstacles for families to adopt, many of which were the ability to get walks in while a busy family was working and shuffling family activities. Laura and Tom decided to be that resource to assist in  this.

They have two dogs and a few fur grandchildren. Their dogs are their family, and with that, they set the standard that all animals Laura and Tom are entrusted to care for will be part of their own family.

They’ve worked with various breeds and behaviors, and made a commitment that no pup would be turned away from care due to breed, behavior, or past history. They take pride in adapting their care to the needs of your pets. They are far from trainers, however, they do take time to work on basic manners with your puppies and enforcing any training you’ve been working on. Laura and Tom's motto is: "No pup too big, no pup too small; we will care for them all!"
When they are not working, they enjoy spending time with their own dogs: Rudy, a 9 year old terrier (pit bull) we lost suddenly in October 2020, Teddy, a 8 year old mastador (lab mastiff mix) and our newest addition Maeve.

"These two are our babies, our therapy, and our reason to advocate for the misunderstood."

In addition, Laura and Tom enjoy time with their children and grandchildren. Their children support their love for animals and have followed in their footsteps by adopting animals themselves. They're a family of animal lovers and hope to add yours to the Pup Patrol Family.

Laura and Tom currently serve the Florida areas.


Ashley & Brian Manager 


CPR & First Aid certified team member

Brian and Ashley have been happily married for almost 3 years, and been together for 5. Brian is a Worcester Firefighter, and Ashley is a paramedic in Worcester.


Pup Patrol is a wonderful change of scenery and break for them from their big boy jobs. Their “kids” are always excited to see them and Brian and Ashley forget about our career hardships in that instant!


They have a blast with the dogs they see on a regular basis. They have their dog Rusty and two cats.

Ashley has small business as well, specializing in personalization and home decor. 

During their free time, they enjoy hiking and geocaching. We also love hosting and having cookouts and game nights in our home.


Sarah, Manager


Sara will be covering walks in Queen Anne's, MD. Please let your friends & family in the area know!


Sara has been an animal lover since she was a little girl, and it has certainly carried over into her adult life. She's worked with a wide range of animals spanning from dogs, cats, and hamsters to volunteering for a therapeutic horse farm. Her family and her always have two dogs at a time, and rescue every chance they get. Sara loves instilling a passion for animals in my daughters. Having the opportunity to love on furry family members while their parents may be tied up elsewhere brings her pure joy. She loves being their best friend for a moment out of the day. “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich."



Dog Walker


Pup Patrol Walkers is excited to welcome our newest team member Grace on board.

Grace will be helping out with the many requests for overnight care we haven’t been able to accept as well as covering daily walks.

Grace is a Rutland, MA native, avid dog lover, loving grandmother & a perfect fit for our Pup Patrol Walkers Family!!

Grace, Dog Walker




Dog Walker


Lynn is a retired school teacher who went from being a client to becoming a huge asset to the Pup Patrol Massachusetts team.

Lynn is an all around amazing person who enjoys spending as much time as possible with the pups, when not caring for pups she’s an incredible gardener who takes great pride in her creative mind.


Lynn covers walks from West Boylston to Worcester.

Grace, Dog Walker


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