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Meet the Team of PPW

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Tom and Laura opened Pup Patrol in May 2017 and are avid animal lovers. Their love for animals began at a young age and grew as their own children moved out of the home.

Laura began her journey in animal rescue years ago and began to see the obstacles for families to adopt, many of which were the ability to get walks in while a busy family was working and shuffling family activities. Laura and Tom decided to be that resource to assist in this.

They have two dogs and a few fur grandchildren. Their dogs are their family, and with that, they set the standard that all animals Laura and Tom are entrusted to care for will be part of their own family.

They’ve worked with various breeds and behaviors, and made a commitment that no pup would be turned away from care due to breed, behavior, or past history. They take pride in adapting their care to the needs of your pets. They are far from trainers, however, they do take time to work on basic manners with your puppies and enforcing any training you’ve been working on. Laura and Tom's motto is: "No pup too big, no pup too small; we will care for them all!"

When they are not working, they enjoy spending time with their own dogs: Rudy, a 7 year old terrier (pit bull), and Teddy, a 6 year old mastador (lab mastiff mix).

"These two are our babies, our therapy, and our reason to advocate for the misunderstood."

In addition, Laura and Tom enjoy time with their children and grandchildren. Their children support their love for animals and have followed in their footsteps by adopting animals themselves. They're a family of animal lovers and hope to add yours to the Pup Patrol Family.

Pam was a born animal lover and advocate. She has worked for many years as a full-time animal advocate and rescuer. She decided it was time to leave the 9-5 life to devote all her time to animals, and currently has her own in-home doggy daycare with her partner.

Pam also has experience with all types of breeds and behaviors, and is in the final stages of becoming a certified animal trainer. She is looking forward to helping families with basic training. She has a wealth of knowledge and is a huge asset to the Pup Patrol Family!

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