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Our Services

At PPW, we strive for the best quality services in the Worcester County area with our licensed and insured team members. We Meet & Greet before any services are made to ensure you and your furry friends are worry-free.

Daily Walks

Our dog walking service provides the opportunity for your pup to stretch their legs while you're hard at work.

Our walks can range from neighborhood strolls to nature hikes, and even swims at your local watering hole!

Puppy Potty Training

Our team of experts can assist your four-legged friend with potty training.

On-Call Potty Breaks

You can breathe a sigh of relief during the day knowing that your pup is cared for by our providers.

Stuck at the office while your pup is in need? No problem! We will take your pup outside to do their deed as needed. Just give us a call! 

Overnight Pet Care

Our insured care provider will stay at your home, caring for your pups.

We offer walks, play time, and company while you're away. Our companionship will allow you to enjoy your trip, stress free knowing that your pup is safe and well taken care of! 

Cat Care

We offer a variety of services for our kitty friends depending on your needs.

We care for your cat while you're away or at work. We can provide play time to keep your cat entertained, clean the litter box, provide fresh food and water, and are also able to administer medications as needed. A happy cat is a happy home. 


At Pup Patrol Walkers, we offer new puppy potty training and take the time to ensure that no accidents happen, especially on the carpet.

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